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Alkaloids are organic molecules containing a heterocyclic nitrogen ring. They represent one of the most important types of natural products because of their large number and structural diversity and complexity. Alkaloids are widely distributed in the plant tissues of inter alia the Apocynaceae, Asteraceae, Berberidaceae, Boraginaceae, Buxaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae, Fumariaceae, Lauraceae, Loganiaceae, Magnoliaceae, Menispermaceae, Papaveraceae, Rubiaceae, Rutaceae, and Solanaceae botanical families, and are rare in gymnosperms or monocots. In addition, alkaloids are also found in animals, insects, microorganisms, and marine organisms. Alkaloids have a wide range of biological activities and play an important role in the physiology of plants or organisms. According to statistics, thousands of new alkaloids are reported every year, and a large proportion of them are found to be useful to humans. This has laid the foundation for the booming development of alkaloids.

Physicochemical properties of alkaloids

The physicochemical properties of the alkaloids are described below.

Physical properties

  • Most alkaloids are well-defined crystalline substances. Low molecular weight alkaloids and those without oxygen atoms in their structure are present in liquid form.
  • The free bases of alkaloids are soluble in nonpolar organic solvents (chloroform, methylene chloride, ether), while their solubility in water is usually low.
  • Many alkaloids are optically active, with counterclockwise isomers.
  • Alkaloids are bitter and have pronounced physiological activity.
  • Most of the alkaloids are colorless except for the orange-yellow alkaloids berberine and colchicine, the red-colored betaine, the brick red sanguinarine or the orange-colored canadine.

Chemical properties

  • Alkaloids are naturally occurring organic compounds.
  • Alkaloids react with acids to form salts.
  • Naturally, alkaloids exist either in a free state (as amine) or as salt with acid or alkaloid N-oxides.
  • Most of alkaloids contain basic lone pair electrons on nitrogen, so they are usually basic.
  • They form a precipitate with heavy metal iodides.

What we offer

With a deep research base in the field of alkaloids, Alfa Chemistry has the ability to offer a wide range of alkaloid products. The specific categories are as follows.